Privacy Policy

General issues
AERLUX in its quality of author, owner and administrator of site, observes the private nature and the security of the information, including personal data, provided by each person who visits this site, scope for which we apply this Privacy Policy.
We intend to offer to our users a secure on-line experience without affecting their private life. In this respect, AERLUX puts its efforts to ensure that the information which was provided by the visitors is used only for the purposes known to them and only according to the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Moldova on protection of personal data No. 133 dated 08.07.2011.
The words ”personal data”, ”using of personal data”,operator”, ”third party” have the meaning as stipulated in the article 3 of the Law No. 133/2011.
According to the above mentioned Law AERLUX has the obligation to manage in privacy and security personal data of each person who visits this website for on-line opeartions (reservations, ticket and tourist services purchasing, completion of forms etc.) and only for the scopes specified in this Privacy Policy.
Creating your account on our website and subscribing to our services facilitates the access to your personal data. AERLUX receives and records on its servers the IP addresses and cookies information of the visited sites.
User rights
The provisions of Law no. 133/2011 offer to each visitor of this web site the following rights:
- the right to be informed (art. 12);
- the right to have access to personal data (art. 13);
- the right of intervention on the personal data (art. 14);
- the right of opposition (art. 16);
- the right of not being subject of an individual decision (art.17)
- the right of appeal to justice (articolul 18).
All these rights can be exercised through a written, dated and signed letter addressed to AERLUX.
AERLUX may collect your personal data, but only with your consent and only if you provide it voluntarily. If you do not want your data to be collected, please do not provide it to us.
If, after you have given us your consent to collect your data,  you want them to be updated or removed from the database, you should notify us anytime at the following address: [email protected]
The purpose of collecting/using personal data
Any information provided by you or on your behalf as a result of using our online services is assumed to be offered only with your express consent of and it will be used by AERLUX only for the following purposes:
- to make sure that our website is relevant for your needs;
- to acknowledge the 'on-line' services you purchased from us and to provide you with additional information about these services;
- to spread offers, marketing and advertising messages, promotions of AERLUX and its partners services by mail, by phone, SMS or by other means of communication;
- to make "on-line" payments and to ensure the security of the on-line transactions by applying anti-fraud filters;
- to invoice the services rendered to you
- to make on-line reservation or our partners website;
- to register you as a member in our fidelity Program;
- to build statistical analysis/reports.
Disclosure of personal data
Your personal data will not be disclosed by AERLUX to third parties except when:
- we have your consent to such actions;
- we need to share your information to provide products and services requested by you;
- our partners need the information to improve or facilitate products or services requested by you;
- it is necessary to protect and defend the property rights of AERLUX and of its websites;
- it is acting in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of employees, users of products or services, or public persons;
- there is a legal obligation to provide your personal data to institutions in connection with certain litigation, disputes for which this information is relevant.
AERLUX has no control and is not responsible for personal data posted by users in public spaces of our website such as forums, chats, mailing lists, blogs (existing or future).
”Cookie” Policy
In order to provide an easier navigation on, we use a browser feature called 'cookie. Cookies are small files that your browser places on the user's hard drive.Cookies are used for the following purposes:
- to maintain and improve the security;
- to remember the usesr names, passwords and preferences;
- to track the preferences on the website and to customize the web pages for the users;
- to improve the usability and quality of its services.
Most browsers automatically accept cookies. However, by editing its options, you can configure your browser to stop accepting cookies and warn you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. If we decide to not accept cookies, you can still access the sections of our site that are available to the general public, but you can not view certain information and features on our website designed to enhance your experience our website.
We do not store credit card details.
Amendments to the Privacy Policy
AERLUX has the right to modify at any moment its Privacy Policy without any prior notification with the solely purpose to improve the quality of our services and in compliance with the applicable legislation. This is why you should visit this section from time. For additional questions on our Private Policy you may addres to: [email protected].
We would like to recommend you to acces the Terms and conditions provisions which also applies to your access/visit on our website.
This we site may contain links to other internet pages which are beyond our control. If you are redirected to a different website check its Privacy Policy which may differ from ours.
Thank you for using AERLUX services!