Insuarance in Moldova

Who can be insured?
By travel medical insurance can be insured all resident citizens of the Republic of Moldova and foreigners who have or residence in Moldova. The only condition is that the policy for proper foreign citizens for traveling abroad issued in Moldova will not be valid in their home country.


How to buy insurance?
You can order a travel medical insurance from AERLUX subsidiary, which you can pay in cash, by bank transfer or bank card.


How does  work travel insurance?
Foreign travel medical insurance shall take effect from the starting date of the period insured on leaving the territory of Moldova and ends at 23:59 on the last day of the insured period, upon re-entry into the country. In the event of interrupted travel abroad, the remaining "unconsumed" can not be carried forward or refunded.

The insurance is valid only in the territory provided as follows:
one country in Europe;
Europe - insurance covers all European countries except the Republic of Moldova;
Schengen area - Schengen area countries;
CIS countries - the countries of the former soviet territory;
All countries in the world - your insurance is valid anywhere in the world;
If traveling during a visit to Europe and the CIS, to know that by purchasing insurance for the Europe, the price paid for it covers and the CIS. In this case you have to purchase two insurance policies for two different areas.

The insurance does not apply to events generated by the actions of terrorism, armed conflicts, strikes, coups, demonstrations, riots, revolutions or civil wars.

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Medical Insurance in Moldova

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