Low price offers for tours

   Europe is the heart of international tourism. We offer the lowest prices in Moldova for your dream holidays. Europe has a wide range of beautiful places: cities, castles, cathedrals, mountains, lakes, forests, coastal areas, each destination with its mysteries. Europe is not only adventure, it means centuries of culture of cities such as Paris, Rome, Budapest, Athens, London, etc. Although it is the smallest continent, including those inhabited, Europe has a rich history. Everywhere you can find cultural treasures and many cities are cradles of world history.
   Trips in Europe open up new horizons and they become the favorite holiday destinations of the people of Moldova. Tourism in Europe has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and the rest in the famous tourist destinations are the source of energy for the people of Moldova, who prefer tours to the most attractive prices.

The most popular tourist destinations in Europe:
We propose spectacular tours and vacations at the best prices. Exceptional destinations from Moldova to any corner of Europe, such as: Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Venezia, Paris, London, Madrid, Balcelona and other.

Tours Ofers Turkey 395€

Ofers Turkey

395 € 6 Nights: ALL
Tours Offer Halkidiki & PIERIA, Greece 315€

Offer Halkidiki & PIERIA, Greece

315 € 7 Nights: HB
Tours Offers Hurghanda 430€

Offers Hurghanda

430 € 7 Nights: ALL
Tours Offers Montenegro 690€

Offers Montenegro

690 € 7 Nights: HB
Tours CYPRUS 610€


610 € 7 Nights: HB
Tours Offers TUNIS 605€

Offers TUNIS

605 € 7 Nights: ALL
Tours Offers Thassos, Greece 530€

Offers Thassos, Greece

530 € 7 Nights: HB
Tours Hot Offers 260€

Hot Offers

260 € 3 Nights: All