• About us

    Travel company "Aerlux" was founded in 2007. Today, three offices are operating successfully , two in Chisinau and one in the Calaras city. "AerLux" offers its customers a wide range of benefits and a high level of services. At our offices you can get information from our professional consultants with experience in selecting necessary tourist services. Development is not possible without a permanent move forward. Our employees improve their professional skills by participating in training seminars.  We strive to be the better and better every day.
    Our activity is directed towards serving organizations and individuals. We make sure You save Your time and money, so we offer:
    1. The possibility of selecting the services and the possibility make the payment on our website.
    2. Free consultations in the office or on the phone, price and the best route.
    3. Free booking of special meals during the flight.
    4. Order VIP services at the airport.
    5. Payment for services in any form: cash, transfer or credit cards.
    6. Serving organizations on a contract basis.
    The benefits of corporate clients:
        * Information and consultation searching routes;
        * Choose the most comfortable and convenient flight;
        * Processing requests;
        * Personnel Manager;
        * Information, seasonal offers and special offers from companies;
        * We offer corporate prices, depending on the volume of orders and terms of cooperation;
        * Any form of payment;

    • What documents are required to go abroad?

      Any person who wishes to travel abroad needs a passport. Children under 18, in order to travel abroad also need a passport, and parents carry with them birth certificate. If a child is traveling abroad without parents for a short period, for example, with his grandmother, such authorization must be from a parent for the person accompanying adult.
    • How can I get a tour?

      After the tour is chosen, we sign a contract with the customer. More than that, when signing the contract is not required to hold a tourist passport and acteptable internal passport. If you are not talking about a country that requires a visa, is desirable that tourist hhold the passport a week before travel. If the country requires a visa, everything depends on the the time limit for the submission of visa documents, but usual, not later than two weeks before departure.
      An important moment. Signing a contract with us, still does not mean that the tour is exactly booked on the name of the tourist. After signing the contract, we send a request to host part for a specific date and hotel, with customer data, and in maximum two or three days - usually, it takes a few hours - we receive a confirmation from host part, about what we immediately inform our customer. Only after this, we can be sure that the tourist travels to the selected direction, at the indicated time and hotel. Can be situations when booking can not be confirmed. In this case, we, together with our client are looking for another option.
      At the conclusion of the contract is paid an advance, usually 50% from the contract, the remaining amount is paid at the receipt of confirmation from tour operator, depending on the agreement with the manager, but no later than a week and a half before departure. The payment of the tour is possible in our office with cash and through bank card terminal, or by bank transfer.
      Two days before departure we offer to the tourists the following documents: a voucher for hotel accommodation, airline e-tickets, medical insurance for each participant of the tour and a note about the country.
    • About medical insurance

      Medical insurance is automatically included in every tour, and its cost is included in price tour. The amount of coverage depends on the direction - for example, Turkey and Egypt, states that do not require a visa is 15,000 dollars. That means that within the limits of amounts of coverage, the tourist is entitled to receive medical services in the concrete country, provided of an insurance case. If necessary, the tourist can increase both the amount of insurance coverage as well as the range of services. The last one can be particularly attractive for travelers with chronic diseases.
      For athletes and adventurers who travel abroad for an active rest, which implies a possible injury, there is a special medical insurance. So, such a tourist, who suffered from that practice sports with risk of trauma, but has a standard medical insurance, it may be refused the free medical care.
      Tourists over 65 who travel abroad must be insured with special insurance - is a prerequisite for Europe.
      Also, at desire, the tourist can be insured against inability to make the journey. The tour price is refunded to the tourist if is produced one (or more) of the following cases:
          - Death of the tourist or any close relative
          - Emergency hospitalization, confirmed by a medical institution document
          - Subpoena in court
          - Enrollment in army
          - Decline in visa issuance
      The last case of insurance is quite actual when is acquired a trip to a country who apply visa. Is no deemed to be insurance cases any other situations in which the tourist is unable or do not want to perform the journey.
    • What will happen if from some reasons I want to refuse the tour?

      For each tour are conditions where it is possible to cancel Your reservation. If the tour - it is not one for the holidays (eg, Christmas), it can be canceled without penalty three weeks before departure. As the tour operator has its own responsibilities and agreements with hotels, airlines and other parties participating in the formation of the tour, if the client wishes to cancel the trip in less than three weeks before departure, will have to pay the penalty. Penalty size can be specified with the manager when the contract is signed. It depends on the tour operator, direction and time remaining until departure, and can reach up to 100% of the cost of the tour. For example, for New Year tour, penalties come into force two months before the trip.
      Therefore, we advise our clients to purchase insurance against inability to make the trip, especially if it is a journey to a country who apply visa.
      It is possible the situation when the client wants to refuse the tour because of natural disasters and civil disturbances that happens in the country. In this case, the agency and tour operator are based on the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova. In the case of a possible hazard to Moldovan citizens, related to State visit, the Foreign Ministry issues a decree that prohibit the sale of tourism products to this direction. In this case the money are fully refunded ti the customer. But do not confuse with the situation in which the Ministry published a letter of recommendation for citizens to not visit one country or another. In this case, if the client wishes to refuse the tour, will be applied the penalties described above.
    • What is visa?

      Visa - is the marking of the Consulate or other authorized authority in the passport of the person who wants to visit a foreign country. In fact, it is an authorization for entry in a certain state, exit or transit through it's territory.
      Visas are by different types: single - with the period of stay limited by the purchased tour, single - with the period of stay that do not depend on a particular tour, for example, for a month, with double entry for a particular period and multiple, usually for six months. We note that the tourist can not influence what type of visa will receive when is registering to a certain tour - this is decided by the consulate. It is other questions - when the client wants a specific type of visa to travel to a certain country, without purchase a tour.
    • How to apply for a visa?

      All countries that require visa, ie countries which, to be visited need a visa, conditional are divided into two categories: countries with the standard procedure of issuing visas and countries with simplified procedure of issuing visas.
      The most popular countries in which to travel, tourists need a standard visa - are United States and China. Moldovan citizen passport with biometric data allows visiting any State participating in the Schengen Agreement - most European countries. Application of the visa for travel to US and the UK is most difficult - it requires a personal interview at the consulate.
      To request a standard visa from the tourist are required:
      · Internal passport
      · Passport
      · Form (which because of the complexity, is better to be completed in our office)
      · Pictures (quantity and size vary by country)
      · The certificate of employment and salary size from the workplace with the mandatory confirmation that during the trip the workplace of the tourist will be saved
      · Document certifying the financial situation of the tourist
      As a document, attesting the financial situation can be statement or letter of guarantee from the sponsor (a document, in which is indicated in the person taking over the expenses of stay of tourists abroad). At the moment there are the following standard: for one day of stay the tourist needs at least $ 55 or 50 euros. The examination of an application for a visa at the embassy lasted for three or four days to two weeks.
      Some of countries with simplified visa procedure most popular are Cyprus and UAE. To simplify the visa procedure from the customer is required the internal passport, passport, completed form and a photo. Examination of of a request for simplified procedure of granting visas lasts three to ten days.
    • There are countries for which visa is nor required?

      There are countries in which to travel, you do not need a visa - or visa is granted entry into the country for a period of 30-90 days. The most popular of these destinations are Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt (except for women under 35, they need a visa prior to coming into the country), Vietnam, Tunisia, Dominican Republic (with a visa for the US, Canada and EU) .
      Amaral of refusal of a visa in Moldova is incomparable with "effect" of the refusal for entry to the EU border.
      1. Check the list of European countries, in which you can travel without a visa. Moldovans hold biometric passports can travel without a visa (from 04.28.2014) for a short period of time (90 days stay for 6 months):
      Belgium, Italy, Denmark, France, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Greece, Iceland, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Croatia.
       2. Moldovan citizens who want to travel to Ireland or Britain, still, need to receive visa for these two EU Member States.
      3. Have a clear purpose of the visit (business travel, tourism, visiting friends or relatives, studies up to 90 days) and be ready at the first request of the border guard to communicate purpose travel, where you travel, duration Estimated residence;
      4. Have these documents confirm purpose of the trip that might be requested by the border guard: roundtrip airfare; hotel reservation, copy of the identity of the person who invited and phone contact her / his contact details of the inviting organization (desirable to have an invitation), medical insurance, green card (if you travel by car );
      5. Have biometric passport valid for at least six months;
      6. visa-free travel is not possible if you have a simple passport;
      7. The legal term provided for in the EU without a visa hearing is 90 days for 6 months;
      8. Overcoming legal term of stay in the EU will trigger the application of the fine of up to 3000 euro or the Schengen entry ban for a period of up to 5 years;
      9. Being prepared to make evidence (Border Police) sources ownership maintenance required for entry into the EU;
      10. visa-free travel in the states listed above do not give you the right to: LABOR, MIGRATION, FAMILY REUNION, STUDIES (stay more than 90 days). To work, migrate or study visa is required to get long-stay visa type D (national visa).
    • Can I enter Schengen area several times during these 90 days during each half-year (180 days)?

      Yes. But you will need to calculate the exact length of stay, so that entire period not exceeding 90 days during every 180 days (half-year).
      The duration of authorized stay in the Schengen area can be calculated by using the "computer" please visit the following link:
      Instructions for Use for the calculator can be found at the following link:
         With Computer ("planning" mode) - based on previously given input / output travelers to / from the Schengen area - could obtain information on the maximum allowable period of stay traveler, which is calculated from the time it is planned his next entry in the Schengen area.
    • Visa regime liberalization will apply for all types of passports?

      The visa liberalization will apply for all types of biometric passports. Holders of diplomatic passports and service biometric passports can travel without visas in accordance with the bilateral agreement between Moldova and the EU on visa facilitation.​
    • For which Member States is applied liberalized visa regime?

      Liberalized visa regime applied to EU member states except the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
      EU Member States will apply the liberalized visa regime are:
          - EU Member States that are part of the Schengen area: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Malta.
          - EU countries that do not have full status of Schengen state (those that are part of the Schengen area without internal borders) at the moment: Cyprus, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.
      Liberalized visa regime applies to the Schengen associated countries (countries outside EU): Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.
    • Liberalized visa regime permnite the entrance into the Schengen area under all conditions?

      Liberalized visa regime does not guarantee unconditional right of entry and short stay.
      Visa liberalization does not affect other conditions which must be fulfilled for entry into the Schengen area for short-term purposes. Member States have the right to refuse permission to enter and stay in the territory or if one or more of these conditions are not met entrance.
      For stays not exceeding 90 days within a period of 180 days, conditions for entry are as follows:
      1. possession of a valid travel document or documents that would allow authorized border crossing;
      2. justification for the purpose trip and possession of sufficient means of subsistence both for the period of stay and for the return;
      3. their names were not introduced alerts in the Schengen Information System for the purpose of refusing entry;
      4. third should not pose a threat to public order, internal security and public health or international relations of each Member State, specifically not exist in national databases of Member States results in this regard.
    • Refusal of entry

      If one of those conditions is not met and entering the territory of a Member State is refused, the third country national will receive a decision in writing on a standard form, which will contain the exact reasons for refusing entry. The decision will be handed to the third-counter signature.
         People being denied entry have the right to lodge an appeal, which will be in accordance with national rules of the Member State concerned. The person will hand over a detailed information on the terms, the competent institution to be exercised where the appeal. Examination of appeals will not entail the suspension of the decision to ban the entry.
        Additional information on border crossing regime (Schengen Borders Code) can be found in Council Regulation 562/2006:
    • What documents to be presented at the border?

      Besides the biometric passport at the border may be requested the following documents:
      -biletul the flight (round trip) in the case of junctions;
      -dovezide funding (eg questionnaire money, travelers checks, personal credit cards, scholarships and guarantee letters and invitation);
      -dovezi on accommodation;
      st Letter of invitation when traveling purpose of visit and participation in conferences;
      -The confirmation of the educational institutions where study visits;
      -datele contact the host person;
      -it recommend holding medical insurance.
    • How much money will I needed for a travel to Schengen area?

      According articolulului 5 (3) of the Schengen Borders Code:
      "The means of subsistence will be judged depending on the duration and purpose of stay and average prices for board and lodging of State (s) Member (States), multiplied by the number of days of stay"
      Check whether the person has sufficient means of subsistence both for the period and purpose of the stay and for the return to the country of origin or transit to a third country into which entry will be permitted definitely give her posture or acquire such means lawfully .
      In establishing reference values will take into account the average prices for each country concerned.
      The assessment of sufficient means of subsistence may be based on the cash, traveler's checks and credit cards in the possession of citizens of third countries, agreements on the provision of scholarships, letters of guarantee and invitation from hosts, as defined by national legislation.
        If the third-country national is staying with a host person, this can serve as a proof of sufficient means of subsistence.
        Credit card check validity contact the issuing company or by using other methods available at the border crossing point (eg exchange offices).
    • How to check the validity of the invitation letter?

      The validity of the letter of invitation can be verified by contacting the host person or through territorial offices of control according host residence. 
    • Medical insurance is required at the entrance into the Schengen area?

      Holding a medical insurance is not mandatory for third-country nationals who benefit for liberalized visa regime. However it is recommended to get a medical insurance for the Schengen area.
    • It is mandatory holding of a return ticket even before leaving the territory of the Republic of Moldova?

      If traveling by plane, train or bus is recommended to hold a return ticket. But this is not mandatory.
    • Is required a visa, if I intend to work in the Schengen area for less then three months?

      Execercitarea a gainful activity. In most EU Member States prohibited the exercise of a gainful activity without being in possession of a visa or a work permit, even if it is a shorter period of 3 months.
      Detailed information can be found at:
    • If I plan to visit a friend or relative in the Schengen area, will have to offer concrete information about the host person at the border?

      You may be asked information about user host. It is recommended that you address and telephone number of the individual host.
    • It will be need to require a visa for short trips, for business travel, participation in meetings, training courses and exhibitions?

    • It will be need to hold a student visa if I intend to enter into the Schengen area for a short period of time with the purpose of studying?

      Student visa is required when the planned period exceeds 90 days of study in half a year. The regulations in this sense are guided by the national rules of each state. Therefore it is recommended to consult before beginning studies embassies / consulates of the countries where you intend to study.
    • In conditions of liberalized visa regime will exist any restrictions regarding the circulation from one non-Schengen state to another?

      Between Schengen states does not exist internal border control. There are control only at the border of Schengen states with Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.
      Moldovan citizens are obliged to permanently hold over his passport during the entire stay, given the fact that national regulations of the Member States of the Schengen area allows ad-hoc controls.
    • What can happen when the I have exceeded the the 90 days (without being in possession of a permit or a visa for long stays) or deploy a lucrative activity without having a work permit?

      Moldovan citizens who stay will exceed the period of 90 days in the Schengen area (without being in possession of a residence permit or visa ((national)) for long stays -type D) will be considered illegal which will lead to the prohibition of entry into the Schengen area.
      Conducted a lucrative activities in the Schengen area without being in possession of a work permit is also illegal (even if the period of 90 days will not be exceeded) and may entail the prohibition of entry into the Schengen area. 
    • Depending on season, where is the best place to rest?

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    • What is "All Included"?

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    • What determines the number of stars at the hotel?

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    • Lowest price guaranteed directly from the operator

      Using the latest technologies in the field of tourism products allows reducing the number of sale   intermediaries and offer our customers the most competitive prices directly from the largest operators. This will allow you to save time and money. We do not need to add additional costs, our revenues are comprised of a minimum fee offered by the operator.
    • No hidden fees and charges

      The company AERLUX offer simple and transparent services offered. The price shown on the site is final and will not wait " unpleasant surprises " acquittal. Forget the extra payments arising from & bdquo; not know where ”.
    • The widest range of offers and services on the market

      AERLUX offers the widest range of services
    • Experience from many years in a successful

      AERLUX is a member of the most important associations IATA ANAT. Experience from many a successful market activities enables the company to provide a high level of professional collaboration and flexibility of prices with our partners.
    • Possibility for secured online payment

      AERLUX cares about security payment using bank cards and allows you to connect your card to 3D-Secure technology to make online payments in a safe way any bank cards issued by VISA or MasterCard. This advanced technology developed by international payment systems will allow to protect yourself from possible negative consequences compromising your card details on the Internet. Payment by credit card: Why waste precious time on trips to the office of the travel agency? Payment for the tour can be made directly on the site . The payment is made via a secure portal. No one outside from bank has access to your card data, electronic processing of documents: The contract is made directly on site. After confirming your booking you will receive all necessary travel documents by e-mail.
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      We guarantee support for individual, professional and courteous managers know exactly how to please any client.
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