• Booking of Air tickets

    Flight reservation can be made online, directly from www.aerlux.md website or through Call Center. Any reservation made on the site or by telephone call center, is subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions and special conditions imposed by airlines that are presented in email booking confirmation or telephone by our consultants.

    For certain flights (low cost airlines combinations of line and low cost, other combinations of flights), reservations can not confirm the site, so your application will consist of a booking request will be processed later aerlux.md by consultants. They will communicate seat availability and fare tickets which can be confirmed.

    For ticket issuance is required payment made. Aerlux.md offers a variety of payment methods, depending on the conditions imposed by each company.

    When booking, you will be informed about the payment terms offered by airlines. This information will find available on the website and email booking confirmation. If payment is not performed within communiqué, the airline reserves the right to cancel the tickets automatically.

    For low cost tickets can not make reservations without payment is recorded in accounts aerlux.md therefore we do not guarantee reservations and tariffs communicated at the time of your booking. They will be guaranteed only after payment is made and the tickets are issued.

  • Conditions on Tourist packages and city tour/city vacation

    Since this is a weekend holiday or a long weekend holiday, AERLUX LLC offers its customers a very convenient way to customize their vacation. Usually, a city tour/city vacation offered by www.aerlux.md consists of the following services: transport, accommodation, medical insurance. The offer is varied and customized depending on the destination requested by the client.


    For tourist packages the tariffs provided on this web site have an informative role and are subject to amendments as necessary.

    For marketing purposes and for reducing the search time for tourist services included in a city tour/city vacation, www.aerlux.md offers its customers the opportunity to view the provided services in one package offer. The services that are included in a city tour can be purchased separately, as this offer is the same provided from the site or customers can request a personalized offer and in this case, tourism services may be different from those that were advertised on the site.


    Booking terms and conditions vary, depending on each tourism product included in the city tour offer and they depend on the imposed rules of the partners of tourism services providers that collaborate with www.aerlux.md. Please note that bookings will be made depending on their availability at partners of www.aerlux.md and according to the company's Terms and Conditions mentioned on this website or by our operators, for each selected service.


    AERLUX LLC does not assume any responsibility for the travel products and services offered by tourism service providers (such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, others) and does not guarantee in any way (either explicitly or implicitly) the accuracy or quality of the products and services featured on the Site.

  • conditions on hotel reservation

    For most of the hotels, the normal check-in is at 14:00 and the check-out is until 11:00. Attention! These hours may vary from one hotel to another.

    Please check this information on the website or consult the www.aerlux.md representatives. When you arrive at the hotel after the indicated check-in above, your rooms are held until 18:00 (local time) of arrival. If you arrive at the hotel after this time, please indicate in the reservation (if it’s an observations field) or bring us aware of this possibility, stating the estimated arrival time. If the hotel is not notified of this, it has the right to resell the rooms.

    Legend room:

    1) Single room - Contains one single bed for one person;

    2) Double - contains a double bed for 2 people;

    3) Twin room - Contains two single beds;

    4) Double / Twin Room for Single - contains a double bed for one person;

    5) Triple room - Contains 3 beds for one person or one double bed for 2 persons and an extra bed for 1 person;

    6) The quadruple room - containing either 2 double beds, each for 2 or 4 single beds for 1 person or 1 double bed for 2 persons and 2 extra beds for 1 person;

    7) Twin / Double plus child - contains either two twin beds or a double bed plus one extra bed for child, depending on the age of the reservation. In some cases, depending on age, the child shares the same bed with parents. If you want explicit bed for the child, we suggest you make a search only for adults, considering the child as an adult.

    Children up to 2 years are considered infants and so, to get a baby-cot for them, it is necessary the confirmation from the hotel. Please specify if you want baby cot in the observations field of reservation (if it exists) or email us immediately after completing your reservation.

    The allocation of rooms to tourists is made on site by the hotel (unless that a certain room is reserved and paid in advance).


    If it is not possible to honor the reservation (due to reasonable causes) www.aerlux.md is obliged to offer you accommodation in a different hotel of the same category or higher. In this case, the traveler must  accept one of the alternatives. In case of special events (fairs, exhibitions, congresses, sports, religious or political holidays of the year, etc.) the reservations may have special terms and conditions (minimum number of nights, higher tariffs, policy cancellation or amendment of booking special terms of payment etc).


    Payment of the bookings must be done under the terms and conditions stated at the time of booking. Failure to comply with will lead to cancellation.


    Discount hotels from Aerlux.md

    www.aerlux.md reserves the right to run, in parallel, several campaigns that offers hotel discounts, the discounts are not required to be applied to all hotels. Discounts are set according to the policy provider hotels and the discount policy of www.aerlux.md.

    The calculation of offers consists of: rate received from the provider (price cut) can be discounted by up to 15%. Thus, clients who book accommodation from www.aerlux.md will enjoy discounts only at a limited number of hotels in our database (percentage of discount may be different for each hotel, depending on location, category, provider, etc.).

    For customers who have purchased tickets and they want accommodation, too, they receive a discount of 15% for all the hotels from our offer, except for the hotels from other databases. Discounted rate is calculated as it follows: rate received from the provider (price cut) minus the 15% discount.

    Terms of cancellation and change of reservation:

    Depending on the cancellation policy of your booking, the cancellation can be made directly by the tourist using the link under the heading "Cancellation Policy and modification" from the confirmation e-mail of your reservation or the cancellation request must be made in writing to www.aerlux.md. The written request must be made by the holder of the reservation, from Monday to Friday between the 9 and 18 o’clock, via email, fax or post.

    Cancellation policy applied to each reservation depends on the type of the service travel provider, of travel time or of other factors indicated by the Travel Supplier. Cancellation policy will be specified at the time of the booking, the booking details page, on the confirmation page and by the confirmation booking e-mail.

    Please read carefully cancellation terms and conditions before confirming the booking. If you do not agree our cancellation policy you are not entitled to make any reservations.